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Expat life in Holland

Sometimes being an expat overseas leaves you feeling lonely or even outcasted, but one of the biggest highlights is the constant excitement. No matter how long I live here, I don’t think I’ll ever stop taking pictures of the beauty around me. I am a forever tourist in […]

Canada Photo Essay

My favourite country of all!!! Of course, I am 100% biased because I love my home, family and country so incredibly much, but after this Friday Fotos photo essay, you will understand WHY Canada makes an incredible holiday destination. Ironically, it took me the world to open my […]

Cameroon freeway

Cameroon Photo Essay

What an experience! Cameroon ranks so highly as one of the most adventurous countries I’ve visited. We ventured through Nigeria headed south into Cameroon where we INSTANTLY hit a battle field of mud. We were so fortunate to have joined forces earlier on the road with other travellers. […]

Ankor Wat

Cambodia Photo Essay

Cambodia is a small country in Southeast Asia. I haven’t been there yet but certainly have it on my list of places to see. Ammon went years ago on one of his early adventures and loved it, he couldn’t stop saying how amazing Angkor Wat was. Mom took […]


A couple months ago Volume 1 in the Sihpromatum series, “I Grew My Boobs in China” was released to the Chinese market in CHINESE! I have been working with a company called Fiberead for the past year to have my first book translated into Chinese, so it was […]

Bikes hitching a ride, Burundi

Burundi Photo Essay

We entered Burundi via an overland border after crossing Tanzania, East to West from Dar Es Salaam. What a journey! Burundi was surprisingly green and mountainous and we loved staying on the lake beach. It was the first and only country where I’ve ever seen bicycles transporting large loads of […]

Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque is one of the most

Brunei Photo Essay

It’s completely irrelevant because only people who know “Bill Nye will get this, but every time I hear Brunei I hear, “Brunei The Science Guy.” This tiny, little Asian country, on the island of Borneo and completely surrounded by the Malaysian State of Sarawak. Brunei is one I […]

Bulgaria Photo Essay

We were in Bulgaria for just over two weeks and spent most of our time in the capital city, Sofia and relaxing on the beach in Varna. We met many locals and travellers. Strolled the streets of Varna eating ice-cream and soaking up the sun rays. We saw […]

Botswana Photo Essay

After many long months conquering the challenging west side of the African continent, the landlocked country of Botswana in southern Africa was a HUGE breath of fresh air. I’d never thought much about Botswana before visiting the country because you always relate Africa with Kenya, South Africa or […]


Bahrain Photo Essay

** I must start this week’s #FridayFotos Photo Essay with an apology. Ammon and his lovely girlfriend Sasha, arrived this week in Holland from Canada for a short four day visit on their way to Spain for three weeks. I’ve been distracted by kisses in the tulip fields, […]

Memoir Madness!

As you may already know, I co-founded one of the most popular travel chats on Twitter, “The Road Less Travelled” AKA #TRLT which is held every single Tuesday at 1pm ET. In celebration of our big 99cent memoir SALE, I’m very excited to announce #MEMOIRMADNESS, a special one-off […]

Hyatt Tweet Meet

The moment we decided to visit Vancouver on holiday, I knew I had to arrange a #TRLT in-person tweet meet. Most of you have probably heard about Twitter Travel Chat #TRLT (The Road Less Travelled) that I founded over two years ago. We have members from all over […]


Standing on the historic Ottoman bridge which crosses over the River Miljacka united me with a historic event I would never forget. Now, for some this may ring no bells at all, but “Latin Bridge” is an extremely historic site. It was here that the assassination of Austria’s […]