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I was honoured to be nominated by fellow author and traveller, Brenda (@BrendaLeeFree) for Thomas Cook’s Explore the Elements photo competition. Each contestant is required to choose four photos that represent the four elements: Fire, Earth, Water and Air It was so hard to narrow my thousands of photos down to these four! Enjoy






Air is the secret ingredient that we cannot see, yet it gives life to all the other elements. A keyhole into heaven seen from the complex of Auschwitz 2 Birkenau, Poland. I imagine looking up into a sky like this one would’ve been the only peaceful place and source of hope amidst the terrors of the horrific concentration camps. Personally, this image represents the desire for World Peace. Now all we need to do is find the key.


Photo: Birkenau, Poland

Earth is bountiful, providing us with food and putting life on our earth. The jungles in Nepal have no shortage of nutrition.


Photo: Chitwan National Park, Nepal

Water is POWER. Like all the other elements, water is good and evil with the ability to save and destroy life. This may possibly be the world’s most “powerful” waterfall in terms of the force of water ejected through a narrow 6m gap in the rocks.


Photo: Murchison Falls, Uganda

Fire can be the fiery gases of the sun, blazing hot lava, a flickering flame, or the burning passion of desire. This photo captures the essence of physical and emotional fire.


Photo: A romantic birthday getaway in Mauritius, Africa.

I nominate 8 others to participate:

@Thetravelcamel  : He is a fellow founder of our weekly Twitter chat #TRLT (The Road Less Travelled) and extreme traveller/nomad who has a crazy obsession with camels. If you are female, do not travel with this one. He may just accept that marriage dowry of a dozen camels. Oh, and he has mad skills with a camera!

@dorolef – Dorothee is a loyal participant of #TRLT. Travel Blogger. Expat in London & Melbourne for 8 years. Now living in Berlin.

@antitourist – The founder of the weekly Twitter chat #Travelpics where travellers come together to share their amazing photography from around the world. I am privileged enough to be a co-host for this chat.

@TwoScotsAbroad – A fun travelling couple!

@cooksipgo – Dave has an abundance of awesome travel photos! I always look forward to seeing what he’ll post on #travelpics

@TravelPassionis – Hannah has been a nomad for the past 3 years! The perfect #TRLT traveller, I know she’s got some great photos up her sleeve!

@VibrantIreland – Susan is a fellow co-host on #travelpics and I always enjoy what she has to share about writing and travel!

Stuart McCall. And Northlightimages My uncle, an incredible photographer! Would love to see what he has to share for each element.

The competition ends SOON so I hope you’ll be able to share your photos before the competition ends on March 16th.

This is the official competition page, please check it if you’d like to ENTER!


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    • Your picture choices are absolutely stunning!!! The captions might’ve been my favourite part! Thank you so much for participating, especially on SUCH short notice. You are definitely talented and I’m certainly picked a great candidate. 🙂 Best of luck!!!

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