Obsession Fishing

Obsession is the name of this dynamic fishing excursion company. This was our second deep sea fishing experience and the first one where we actually caught fish! WOW! I’m completely head over heels in love with deep sea fishing. It was so thrilling to have my first fish on […]


Israel Photo Essay

Today’s photos are of another country I have yet to visit. Mom, Dad and Ammon went to Israel from Egypt by bus after our long 4 year journey together had ended. “A fascinating mix of people of different religions living together.” – Dad “There is so much history […]

Travel Authenticity

Last week on #TRLT we chatted about authenticity. When travelling, it’s easy to become too focussed on the destination and forget the authentic experience you’re missing out on. When travelling to cities and sites with a heavy tourism factor, something in the mentality of both locals and visitors […]

Antigua and Barbuda

I want to start off today’s post with a big HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all the amazing women out there. Today I’m 26 weeks and feel incredibly honoured to be joining the most elite club in the world. I just hope I can live up to the job […]


Ireland Photo Essay

Ireland was a breath of fresh air when we took a 3 week side trip there after 5 months in Egypt! Ireland’s glimmering green fields spotted with wooly sheep and deep blue skies with fluffy white clouds was a more than refreshing break from the hot, sandy bustle […]