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Backfire Cusco

Without traveling here, the city “Cusco” would only make me think of Disney’s character Kuzco, from “Emperor’s New Groove”. I never really thought when I watched that cartoon more than ten years ago that there even was a place called Cusco in Peru that I would one day […]

Machu Picchu, Peru


 There’s something about standing up on the edge of a windy mountaintop ABOVE Machu Picchu, that makes you truly feel on top of the world. Whether it’s your very first trip or like me, you’ve been travelling for the past 10+ years, there are always expectations before visiting […]

Takanakuy Fight

During our walk through the market and town of Urubamba with Giancarlo, the manager of Sacred Dreams Lodge , we bumped into the hotel’s bar tender Francisco. He’s a really friendly, young guy with long black hair and an endearing smile. After a quick chat Francisco pointed us […]

Halfway Mark in Peru

We are HALFWAY through our amazing 6 week trip in South America. Wow. I feel like time flies and yet we have done so much in that seemingly short time. We’ve hiked to the world wonder Machu Picchu, shared the jungle with exotic wildlife at the amazing jungle lodge, […]

Quarter Century Birthday, PERU

Spending my birthday abroad is something I’ve been doing since my 15th birthday, where I was in Xi’an, China visiting the incredible Terra Cotta Warriors at the start of our grand four-year family adventure (If you haven’t picked up your copy yet, please check out my travel memoir series […]

Another Day in Lima, Peru

After enjoying another plate of delicious Lomo Saltado, a traditional Peruvian dish, for breakfast we booked ourselves a three hour tour of the city on a double decker bus.     I think the last time I went on one of those was 10 years ago in Hong Kong. […]

A Day in Lima, Peru

We were only on day two of our trip when I started receiving the “how am I going to survive with this chatterbox for 6 weeks?” face from poor Kees. The thing is, I tend to talk more than the average person, but when I’m happy I’m even […]

Happy Birthday Bree!!

Want to wish my amazing big sister Bree a wonderful HAPPY 28th BIRTHDAY!!! She has had such an incredible and exciting life. She’s been to over 100 countries, got to experience the best of Australia for a year on The Best Job in the World and has certainly […]

An Adventure Not Far From Home

The day started off early after only 4 hours of sleep. The lack of sleep was due to a wonderful visit with a girlfriend to all you can eat sushi the night before.  Kees, Mom and I were in the car at 7am headed back to Antwerp, Belgium a 2 1/2 hour drive […]

Tickets Bought!!!!

We’ve BOOKED! Every year Kees and I go on an adventure for our birthdays which we share in the same week of June.   In 2008 we were in Namibia,                    2009 and 2010 home (Canada & Holland)   2011 we drove down to Paris,            2012 we ventured into the […]

TBEX in Lloret de Mar, Spain

Mom and I went down to Lloret de Mar, Spain to attend the Travel Blog Exchange (#TBEX) with zero expectations, thus leaving no room for disappointed. That wasn’t necessary because it was a blast. #TBEX blew us both away with how well they took care of hundreds of […]

Happy Mothers Day

Mom and I arrived safely back in Holland after a really enjoyable two-week road trip in Europe, hitting six wonderful countries (Holland, Belgium, France, Spain, Switzerland, Germany)! I’m so thankful to have the chance to make so many wonderful memories with my mom. I want to give a special […]