Savannah Grace

Tis the Season

I wanted to wish you all an early MERRY CHRISTMAS. I know everyone must be running around getting those last minute presents, dinner party ingredients and arrangements, cleaning the house and getting in a jolly cheery mood. Others may be biting their lips, trying to figure out the best way to avoid getting into a family drama and/or strangling your mother-in-laws. But remember to always appreciate family, because they are forever. When it all boils down to it, they are the ones who will always stand by you. Love them and keep them close.
It’s great to be back home in Holland in my beautiful new house, with my first ever, brand new, gorgeous Christmas Tree. It looks a little bare at this point but a few more years should get him dressed up. Mom was busy making some more of her beautiful stockings. Amazing to think hers and Dad’s are 35 years old now. I’m definitely going to enjoy a few of these cold nights with a movie by the fire with my Sweet.
Hope everyone is feeling the happiness and joy of the Holiday Season wherever you are.
Here is a little now and then with my siblings.  We also have all the in between.
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PS. I still owe you a Whistler blog which I will be sure to share after the Holidays.

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