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Malta Photo Essay

Malta was an unexpected bonus on our 4-year-long family trip around the world. Aside from the beauty and history of Malta, it was the people we met there that made it so memorable. We stayed on the Island of Gozo with an incredibly interesting hospitality club host (at the time this was an equal competitor to couch surfing) for free who constantly holds his doors open to welcome new travellers into his home. Delicious meals are served each night as he loves to cook for a full table of fellow travellers. One of the other travellers staying there was Veit, a German guy who actually founded Hospitality Club. Together we travelled to the Capital city Valleta on the main Island Malta and stayed with a lovely couple, also hosts on hospitality club. Amazingly, years earlier the woman had actually taken one of our tours in Vancouver and even had a photo of herself on our school bus to prove it. Now THAT’S a small world story if I ever heard one.

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Stay tuned for more #FridayFotos. Next week is Marshall Islands.

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  1. Love that kitchen. I can envision a lot of meals being served over the years. I did not know much about Malta. Your photo journal is amazing. Such wonderful architecture! 🙂

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