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Marshall Islands Photo Essay

Ammon and Bre  went on an adventure to see the Marshall Islands together.  What a great brother sister team they could make on the amazing race.  They did apply a few years back.  Have a look at their video back then 🙂 .  This is what Ammon has to say and a couple of there photos.

“Bre and I stopped in Majuro, the capital for a few days. It is a completely flat tropical island in the shape of a narrow, long sliver. Despite its clear water and great weather it has almost no tourism development at all because it is so far from anywhere and quite expensive to get to. There isnt a single street light, only a couple hotels and despite amazing diving potential, the only operator in town was closed. With almost nothing to do, we had little choice but to wander along the shore where we could try to fall into island time.”

Screenshot (10)

Stay tuned for more #FridayFotos. Next week is Mauritania.

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