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8 Great Relaxation Island Destinations

Now that I have a newborn baby I have been looking into less adventure and more relaxation for our near-future travels with little Tripp. I know there are many of you out there who are also craving that escape so I’ve compiled eight fantastic relaxation destinations. Below is a list of island countries I have personally visited in search of relaxation and know would make for a great, no-fuss tropical getaway with or without kids.

In no particular order.

Maldives – One word. PARADISE! Take a sea plane, ferry or private speedboat to your own personal, hidden paradise in The Maldives. Once you’re there you will completely forget the rest of the world. You can choose an island that is home to a glitzy resort with tennis courts and hundreds of staff to one that is all-natural with just a few dozen people (staff and guests) and can be circumnavigated in 30 minutes, feet in white sands. Only about 200 of the 1,200 Maldives Islands are inhabited by locals, 100 are solely built for tourists looking for some relaxation, the rest of the islands are uninhabited.

St Lucia – My husband and I eloped here in 2016, which is why it will always a special place in my heart. Not only are weddings and honeymoons about romance, but relaxation. We found this twofold in St Lucia, especially in the luxurious Ladera Resort and C’est La Vie Villa!

Mauritius – Lobster dinner, kitesurfing, beaches, swimming with wild dolphins, walking with lions and driving a segway on safari. Enough said!


Cape Verde – Go all-inclusive (we stayed at the Riu Karamboa) on this lesser known relaxation spot off the coast of West Africa. There isn’t TOO much to do on this dry, sandy island but that’s partly what I loved about it. I didn’t feel guilty staying in bed or simply relaxing by the pool and drinking a few cocktails. A 4-minute clip of our 2 weeks in Cape Verde.

Kite surfing, Cape Verde

St Kitts and Nevis – Nevis in particular is a laid back, very TRLT destination that will have you relaxed from the moment you set eyes on it. If you’re really out to spoil yourself, try a night or two in the Four Seasons with your head on one of  their cloud-like pillows. They truly know how to put you in full relaxation mode.

Jamaica – Easy to get to from abroad. Easy access to all-inclusives from airports. Easy going people. And everything arranged for a relaxing holiday. If you get stir crazy in an all-inclusive, you have a wide variety of activities from bamboo rafts and swimming through glowing Blue Lagoon waters to zip-lining through the rainforest. 


Dominican Republic – Another very established resort island in the Caribbean. Enjoy relaxing on the beach, by the pool with a margarita, boating, snorkelling or parasailing.

Peru – Looking for relaxation in a natural setting? Escape civilization and relax among the wildlife and all its soothing sounds. Rainforest Expeditions is a MUST-experience accommodation if you’re searching for TOP relaxation in the rainforest.

the gorgeous Amazon

Below are a list of countries I would like to experience in the future for their relaxation draw…

– Bahamas

  • Mexico
  • Seychelles
  • Cyprus
  • Barbados
  • Thailand
  • Bora Bora
  • Belize

I have also heard cruising is a fantastic travel option when searching for relaxation on the road – or in this case water!

Do you have some great recommendations for relaxation destinations? Then please comment below.

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Safe travels and stay relaxed!

Savannah Grace

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