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We made it safely to Saint Lucia, country #109,

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and had a gorgeous 45 minute drive with a private chauffeur who was extremely friendly, informative and enthusiastic about his country.

He took us to the steps of the Ladera Resort where we were welcomed with smiles, cold mint-scented facecloths to dab cool off with and a delicious Ladera home-brewed welcome drink made up of ginger and a whole list of things I didn’t catch but it was delicious with a bite of a bite!


We were given a tour of the property in a golf cart and for some reason it made me feel like I was in the movie Jurassic Park with all of the lush, tropical vegetation and an orchestra of joyful birds.

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We were shown to our room in Paradise Ridge where the best rooms the resort has to offer are. Wow. Wow and Wow again! On the way to the resort the taxi driver kept insisting that there would be a moment of silence when we saw the room and he was right.

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I’d seen photos online but still there’s no way to prepare yourself for the outstanding view and massive size of a Paradise Ridge Villa. They gave us a tour of the room (YES! That is how big it is!) and left us speechless once again. The open wall concept of the villa is so mesmerizing and truly makes us feel on top of the world, looking out over the ocean from 1,000 feet above the sparkling water.


We are situated looking between the two Pitons which make this island country so famous and the Ladera is actually the only resort in Saint Lucia located ON the Unesco World Heritage site overlooking the Pitons and Caribbean Sea. The chauffeur informed us that Oprah Winfrey has stayed at this resort and considering we have the best suite in the place, there’s a chance that OPRAH swam in our pool and slept in the same bed we are going to spend our first night as Mr. and Mrs.!!! Mind blowing!

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After meeting the wedding planners, signing documents, setting up hair appointments in the spa and choosing a bouquet we had a dip in our private pool before heading to a delicious dinner!

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I almost expected to wake up from this magical dream but instead woke to heavy, tropical rains, delicious local cocoa tea (the ONLY way to go as long as I’m in Saint Lucia), breakfast served in our room by our private butler and outstanding views… I could go on and on and on and ON about how spectacular this place is, but I really should put the computer down now and enjoy this once in a life time experience with my fiance!

Love to all and can’t wait to reveal the dress tomorrow!!!!!

Savannah Grace

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