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Bachelor/Bachelorette PARTIES!

It’s our wedding day!!!

Our final hours as bachelor and bachelorette, I wanted to share his bachelor party and my second bachelorette party with you.
My fiancé was kidnapped just two days before our departure by the bachelor fairies!!! They did a brilliant job of surprising him and he had no clue what they had in store for him. Normally Kees isn’t the biggest fan of “overly hyped” celebrations so surprising him was the only way anyone was getting him involved.

I had to laugh when his friend came to the house fabricating a story to get him to rush out of the house to take him where fifteen of his good friends were waiting to surprise and kidnap him for the day. “Just 15 minutes. Then we’ll be back.” “Are you sure,” I said, playing along. “I know how you guys are, 15 minutes turns into an hour!” “No, no really we’re just running out and will be back soon.”  I giggled as Kees naively jumped in the car. Little did he know he wouldn’t return until 2am!

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They shot him with air guns (though apparently he was the ultimate warrior), made him give a speech at dinner, bought him a lap dance at a strip bar then dragged him into a gay bar. Geez!!! He sure is lucky he’s getting married and won’t have to put up with that stuff anymore.
Kees described the experience as special. He didn’t expect it to effect him the way it did. Having all of his good friends of 20+ years come together just for HIM was a moving moment. I was thrilled to hear it and SO happy he had a great day with 15 men who love him.
My first bachelorette party was unforgettable and beyond perfect. We did a two day road trip with seven ladies of five different nationalities to all twelve Dutch provinces. Dressed as animals! I’ll cherish the moments we spent together and will never forget how LOVED I felt that day!


As if I weren’t already spoilt rotten enough, I got to celebrate a second time with the ladies of my future family. Kees’ mom, sister, two nieces and of course Mom and I had a unique experience in the C-Taste restaurant which is a delightful restaurant where you dine in PITCH darkness.15034011_693750187454104_350458076_o

Special, admirable and impressive are words to describe a restaurant that brings you back to the essence of food. Without the use of your eyes, you are forced to rely ONLY on your sense of taste, smell and touch. It’s amazing how taking away sight makes it a challenge to recognize the food you are eating. Quite a bizarre concept to think we basically recognize food more by SIGHT than actual TASTE.

The waiters serving at C-Taste are partially or fully blind and are specially trained. Every time they silently approached the table and said “Hello ladies” ready to take our order, take our plates or serve our food, I was blown away. Ever so swiftly they would place the plates down without the slightest of stumbles. I was almost sure they must be using night vision goggles.

They informed us there were no cameras on the inside so manners were tossed to the side as we dug into salads with our hands, picked up full slabs of meat and gnawed on them, chewed with our mouths open and even licked the plates!!!
We were constantly laughing, guessing and shouting out familiar flavours as we attempted to eat with our cutlery.
There are so many wow factors at C-taste and a dining concept I recommend everyone tries at least once in their life!
Stay tuned for the revealing of my wedding dress, rings and stunning wedding destination location!


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