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Mauritania Photo Essay

Mauritania definitely is not your typical travel destination. Our time spent in this hot, sandy country was far from a holiday. It was filled with adventure, camel rides through the Sahara Desert, unforgettable experiences and friendly people. In the capital city, Nouakchott, we were blown away by the hospitality of the families who invited us to drink sweet minty tea in the streets with them and the Peace Corps gal and Couchsurfing host families who welcomed us into their homes and shared more than just hot meals eaten by hand with us. On the surface we were sweaty, dusty and tired the entire time but our hearts were full! The most remarkable journey here was riding the non-passenger iron ore train (the longest train in the world) in one of the open wagons from hot sunny day long into the freezing desert night. Would you dare to go to this less touristic destination?

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