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Mauritius Photo Essay

Mauritius – Lobster dinner, kitesurfing, beaches, swimming with wild dolphins, walking with lions and driving a segway on safari. Enough said!” – Savannah

Mauritius is a small African island nation just east of Madagascar.  Not the typical destination for a trip around southeast Asia.   As a personal rough rule of thumb if I’m just passing through an island to take a look (as we were in this instance) then 4-5 days seems about right to me.  If it is the destination and purpose, well, that’s different.

Mauritius is an island, and African, but it isn’t mainland Africa and it has a whole lot of cultural fusion.  Both the French and British controlled the island and both languages are still used today though creole is the most common.  The British brought in a lot of indentured workers from India to work the sugar plantations after the abolition of slavery.  In fact, Mauritius is considered to have been the model and testing ground for the system of indentured labourers from India which was later spread globally to such far flung places as Trinidad and Fiji.  A huge percentage of the population now is of Indian descent from these labourers. Hinduism is the dominant religion (lots of temples) and Indian snacks are the most common street food (yum).  It’s a weird mix but nice as well.”  – Ammon

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