Chapter 1-5


Chapter #1  “Like, Totally”


 Chapter #2  “Aftershock”

Chapter #3 “Itinerary”

Chapter #4  “My Brother’s Battles”

Chapter #5  “The Shells of Life”

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  1. I just finished Sihpromatum,… and I absolutely loved it! I hope you have plans for future books on the remaining countries you visited. I will watch and hope. You are an extremely talented young lady!


  2. Finally started reading Sihpromatum… Having left on my own for a 10-month trip around the world, stories like these always bring back the joy of traveling… Although it is very different when you’re the one making the decision to leave vs having to leave because someone else made the decision.
    I’m impatient to know how you’ve changed your mindset on the subject and to see how you’ve come to enjoy the adventure!
    Cheers to more travels!


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