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Ammon and Sasha

Many of you know my brother Ammon from my book series Sihpromatum. To those who have been following it comes as no surprise that Ammon has tied the knot with the stunning Sasha and they are currently on their year-long South American honeymoon extravaganza.


This summer we visited family and friends in Canada (really wish I had written about this!), driving more than 65 hours in 3 weeks and attended Ammon and Sasha’s wedding in the breathtaking Waterton National Park. I was thrilled to see these two get married and can not wait to see South America vicariously through their eyes. It feels like the perfect fairy-tale ending to Ammon’s extraordinary bachelor life and the beginning of SO MUCH MORE!

I feel incredibly blessed to have Sasha as part of the family and to have such a wonderful (and refreshingly different! C’mon, we all know Bree is crazy) new sister. My heart over-flows with joy for Ammon and I’m not sure if the blogs to come will show it, but you would hardly recognize the cold-hard brother I portrayed in my travel series….Sasha has turned him into a totally sugar-coated softy.

I will be posting Ammons blogs of their trip here so stay tuned it will be fun to join their travels.   You can also go back in time to our original blog  “Escape the Good Life” that began in 2005.


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