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Finland Photo Essay

 This summer (2016) Mom and I did an amazing road trip from The Netherlands to 10 countries, 10 capital cities. Our journey took us through all Scandinavia and The Baltic State countries. We arrived in Helsinki via Tallink Silja Cruiseline from Stockholm, Sweden.
Finland was a definite highlight because we met up with Mia, a local and new friend forever, who I’d met via our online Twitter chat #TRLT a few weeks before our trip. When she invited Mom and me, practical STRANGERS, to stay with her in her home I was quick to accept her offer.
She was a fabulous host and made our time in Finland that much more memorable and stress free. She drove us around to tourist as well as local sites, fed us traditional Finish food (reindeer was delicious!), and taught us how to beat ourselves with birch tree branches in the sauna!!! It wouldn’t have been the same experience without Mia, so I want to give her a big thank you for making it so special.
Check out the photo essay below to see what kind of fun we got up to!
ps. One of the highlighs was stumbling upon a female MOOSE on our drive through the countryside

We had a great time climbing the outlook tower  FINLAND

peura-3  hirvi2-2

Stay tuned for more #FridayFotos. Next week is FRANCE .

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