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France Photo Essay

What a special country!!!! Although I’ve been to Paris several times, including a trip for my 21st birthday, and have loved it each time. The countryside and small villages is where I get the most pleasure when travelling through France. We’ve driven through and stayed more times than I can count since living in The Netherlands, but one of the highlights of France was staying with an old family friend, Philippe, on a walnut plantation in the countryside just outside of Carcassonne. We met Skylar and Adriana there as they were on vacation too. Together we visited a town of BOOKS, Carcassonne and it’s gorgeous castle but shopping at the small outdoor village market for French wine, baguettes and cheese was the full French experience. We visited Philippe the second time when Mom and I  drove down from The Netherlands, on our way to Spain. Cruising through the gorgeous countryside and running through the vineyards was so special. I loved every second! So if you’re visiting France, try to explore beyond the big cities.

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  1. Fantastic Photo Essay, most people relate France to Paris, and the usual hustle and bustle life style.

    I myself was that naive until we experienced the Southern Coast.

    Truly a beautiful place.

    How did you find the vineyards?

    I hope you had a great Christmas.

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