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Lebanon Photo Essay

Another country I have yet to visit,  Ammon is yet again our hero and has been there and taken these photos for us.

“Lebanon is a fascinating country and my week there based out of Beirut was not nearly long enough. It’s troubled modern history overshadows a rich multi-layered ancient history embedded in a rich, beautiful landscape. One day you might be up in a mountain valley community, the next wandering through some ruins on the shore. Ruins is the common theme. In many ways Beirut felt more like a European city than a middle eastern one but war-torn buildings from the civil war of the 80’s still scattered about remind you where you are. Further south even more recent ruins from Hezbollah’s wars with Israel are easily seen while UN peacekeepers walk beside Roman ruins. Further north in Byblos there are 1000 year old crusader ruins atop 2000 year old Roman ruins beside 4000 year old ruins in a city that is believed by many to be the oldest in the world at over 7000 years! The experience is mind-blowing and a must for any fan of history.”

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Stay tuned for more #FridayFotos. Next week is Lesotho.

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