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Birthday Travel Tradition

Big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the love of my life! Since Kees and I share the same birthday week, for the past few years we’ve done a traditional birthday holiday. This year Kees decided to go with his African drumming band “Tranzulu” to Terschelling, a northern Dutch Island, to attend the super fun Oerol Festival. He got the big yellow truck that we met in in Africa all those years ago out of storage and headed north.

   Las Vegas Togo

I must be letting my roots sink in a bit too much because I decided to stay home and redecorate instead! Yes, sometimes I even shock myself. As a side note, my house looks freaking awesome. And don’t worry, as soon as you step inside you know it’s the home of a bunch of world travellers with all the unique souvenirs, artwork, African instruments, Asian temple, statues, plants and exotic animals.

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Every year since 2004 when we left on our grand four-year, round-the-world family adventure I have spent my birthday in a different country (except for Holland which happened twice)! This year my birthday was limited to a one day celebration but I certainly made the best of it. Five days before, I came up with the idea to do an all-girls, five-country, ONE-day birthday blitz road trip!!! I invited Mom the chauffeur, “sister-in-law” Anita the designated sandwich maker and DJ, and author friend Jessica Lipowski our tour guide and planner and off we went at 6am!

 Screen Shot 2016-06-18 at 9.29.54 PM IMG_6827

STAY TUNED for this year’s FULL story of how I celebrated my 26th birthday.

Below is a photo essay of the past 11 years of birthdays! I never thought I’d be able to keep it up so truly hope this year wasn’t the last.

2005 15th Birthday in China

2005: 15th Birthday, Terracotta Warriors in China

16th birthday in Turkemistan

2006: 16th birthday in Turkmenistan

2007: 17th birthday in Egypt

2007: 17th birthday in Cairo, Egypt

2008: 18th birthday in Namibia

2008: 18th birthday in Namibia

2009: 19th birthday in Canada

2009: 19th birthday in Vancouver, Canada

20th Holland Football

2010: 20th birthday in Alkmaar, Holland

2011: 21st Birthday in France

2011: 21st Birthday in Paris, France

2012: 22nd birthday in Netherlands

2012: 22nd birthday in Alkmaar, Netherlands

2013: 23rd birthday in Mauritius

2013: 23rd birthday in Mauritius

2014: 24th birthday in Cape Verde

2014: 24th birthday in Boa Vista, Cape Verde

2015: 25th birthday in Peru

2015: 25th birthday in Ollantaytambo, Peru

2016: 26th birthday in Germany

2016: 26th birthday in Germany, Luxembourg, France, Belgium and The Netherlands

Savannah Grace

2017: 27th Birthday in Budapest Hungary  

 Savannah Grace

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  1. Happy Birthday Savannah looks like a lot of fun on your road trip,can’t wait to see the photos.Are you starving you do look a bit skinny ha ha.Always having fun!

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