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Chile Photo Essay

Country #102 for me and it did not disappoint. On our 6 week trip in South America, Kees and I changed our plans at the very last minute and decided to fly to Easter Island from Lima, Peru. What a fantastic plan! We were fortunate to have had a day stopover in the capital city, Santiago where we met up with Monse. She is a solo traveller Ammon had met many years ago when they were both backpacking in Egypt. It’s one of the most special feelings to be able to meet up with strangers around the world who instantly become friends. Even though I’d never met Monse, I felt we’d known each other for ages and I loved hearing about her time with Ammon in Egypt. It reminds me how loving and connected the world has become. Monse gave us a tour of the city that we never could have had on our own. She showed us the local hangouts, meals, beers and we marvelled at the wonderful street art.

Easter Island was a surprise to me. I assumed because of its fame that it would be overly touristic and crowded, but it’s reputation for being expensive and “ends of the earth” far, have kept mass tourism down. The runway is literally the length of the island so that is enough to keep most people with a fear of flying far, far away (except for the crazy stubborn ones like me). It felt like a remote backpacker hub, very relaxed with a few car rental and tour offices around town offering Scuba diving, horseback riding and full day tours.

The best way to see Easter Island is to rent a motorcycle or car and just drive around. You can explore the whole island in a matter of days. We stayed nearly a week, which in my opinion was MORE than long enough, but after paying for the flight and travelling so far, it felt a shame to have turned around and left after just a couple days.

I was impressed by how accessible everything was and that the Moai statues were just out in the open without fences, entry fees or guards. That was a very nice surprise. My favorite part was cruising past fields of wild horses on the motorcycle, seeing the coastal views and spotting the mysterious and ancient Moai statues along the way.


I know there is so much more on offer in Chile and would love to go back one day to see the natural beauty of the country.


Stay tuned for more #FridayFotos. Next week is CHINA

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