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Relaxing in Nevis

We couldn’t have picked a more top-end resort to spend the middle week of our one-month Caribbean extravaganza getaway! Considering we both shook on and agreed to do absolutely nothing on our honeymoon but eat and relax and get to know each other, Nevis was the perfect island spot.

They treated us like royalty when we first stepped down on the ground in my 110th country, Saint Kitts and Nevis islands. The Four Seasons staff were standing at the ready at the international airport complete with a private speed boat that transferred us from the airport, on the bigger of the two islands, to the world class Four Seasons Resort on the quieter sister island of Nevis.Nevis. It was a dreamy 25 minute high-speed cruise from one fantasy island to the next. Arriving at the private hotel pier was like stepping into a James Bond movie and I was the leading lady! We were escorted through the lush, green property bursting with bloom to our luxury ocean view suite. Did I mention we hadn’t touched our luggage once in the past two weeks? A huge contrast with my history as a budget backpacker in my Sihpromatum book series!

An outstanding platter of chocolate dipped strawberries greeted us with, “Happy Honeymoon Mr. and Mrs. Book”.  Alongside it they’d created an edible, chocolate display of a Nevisian passport just for me! It was the most extravagant welcome I’ve ever witnessed. There was one time which did come close. When I arrived in downtown Seattle, also a Four Seasons, a chocolate platter with my, “I Grew My Boobs in China” book cover on display surrounded by local fruits and delicacies. This hotel chain is way, way over the top with anticipation of what you “need”.  

Another thing notable about their hotels are their super comfy beds and their pillows! Nightly I melted into bed surrounded by their unbelievably soft sheets. I wanted to buy them and take them home. Our survival food was breakfast delivered every morning to our room. I don’t think we got out of bed until the third day! We dined every night at one of their five restaurants.

We broke all lounging records on our balcony with Iconoclast wine swirling in our glass. When we did explore beyond our room, we reclined by the calm, uncrowded pool where the Four Seasons had beautiful separated couples and families. Our umbrellas were red. Adults only please.

Later we snuck away for our own culinary tour of Nevis. My spa experience was first class. It’s hard to find a masseuse who will really put the muscle and lean into the massage so I was over the moon that, for the first time, I almost had to say, “whoa, not so hard!” Again…where do they get these sheets?

The Four Seasons is a large resort with many swimming pools and restaurants but I couldn’t help feeling like we were the only ones there. I loved being called, “Mr. and Mrs. Book”. We were laughing by the end of the trip we were, “Mr. and Mrs. Brooks”. I suddenly felt like I had a lot of identities. Grace, Watkins, Kleef, Book, Brooks. It’s all good.

If I wanted to take anything home with me from this trip it was my private beachfront cabana. Sun on my face, sand between my toes and the love of my life next to me. In my cabana pampering has taken on a whole new meaning. Food, drink, towels, anything you want they will have taken care of. I even asked them to retrieve sunscreen from my room and they accommodated me. My cabana was outfitted with champagne, a fruit platter, and a TV, although who is going to use it with a live ocean in front of you?

Nevis is completely laid back, recommended for relaxing and eating like royalty. 

Here are some options if you feel that you really must move your body. The water sports desk: where nearly everything is included, snorkel gear, wind surfing and kayaking. The jetski, which Kees of course needed to take for a spin, came at an extra cost; but well worth it from the grin on his face. The water sports staff tipped us off to spotting the olive green and grey sea turtles and stingray sightings. They were both hanging out just metres from the Four Season’s sandy shoreline. 300 metres out along the rock seawall, we snorkelled with giant puffer fish and a little school of squid who did a  little dance-like swim for us. It was a first for me, I’ve only seen squid on a calamari plate.

Four Seasons boasts a tremendous golf course which unfortunately we didn’t take advantage of for fear of completely embarrassing ourselves in front of the wild monkeys on the course.

A morning sail on their catamaran dropped us in a quiet Saint Kitts cove to snorkel. Rainbow swarms of fish bubbled hello and the roomy catamaran netting was a loungers’ delight. 

We caught wind that Prince HARRY from the UK would be visiting Nevis during our stay. I sleuthed out the day and time by smooth talking the staff. Click on this for our video capture of my favourite Prince Harry’s visit to Nevis. 

The end of our time in Nevis came way too quickly, but we were on our way to the Sandals Grande Antigua Resort, where we made our very own little prince.

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