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Top 7 Culinary Experiences on Nevis

Last week on #TRLT our topic was bursting with flavor. Be prepared for a tastebud frenzy. Cuisine is a subject that ignites the most vivid of memories through my senses, taking me back to moments from around the world where I indulged in some of the freshest, most pungent and dynamic flavors. I could write pages and pages of mouth watering meals I’ve laughed and cried over, award winning meals of Peru, pallet tingling herbs and spices of India or oven-baked, cheesy pizzas of Italy but I decided to bring you to the tables of a more isolated and almost forgotten paradise called NEVIS. I recently celebrated my honeymoon there and was left feeling like I never wanted to leave.

Being part of a very small island country, St. Kitts and Nevis in the Caribbean, there are limited activities and sites to enjoy. A day’s highlight is watching a troop of monkeys climbing the trees to snag fresh fruit and retreat across the narrow roads with their stolen goods. We took full advantage of the chill, island atmosphere and did nothing but sit, sleep and EAT!

Having discovered many of the top restaurants on the island, I thought I would share a few of the best. In no particular order:


If you want to spoil yourself, hit any of these delicious, quality restaurants at the Four Seasons, the largest resort on the island.

Coral Grill – 

Top quality, amazingly friendly staff with a great setting. The spiny lobster was exceptional and we couldn’t get enough of the fresh shrimp cocktail.

Cabana Restaurant – 

I’m not particularly a hamburger lover. In fact, I can confidently say I don’t care for burgers at all. However, the one I ate at the Cabana Restaurant was so juicy and flavorful that I was instantly converted.

When it came to my drink, I asked the waitress to surprise me. Surprised I definitely, by how outstandingly good it turned out to be. It was a chocolaty, ice drink with flakes of roasted coconut on top. To-die-for good!

Mango – 

What can I say? It doesn’t matter which Four Seasons you choose around the world, you always know that whatever you order it will be one of the best meals you’ve ever had. They really focus on quality. This was a special experience because it was the first time I ever ate tuna, or any meal, directly off a ROCK! Yes, a real and very heavy rock. The poor waitress got a work out bring and taking away that plate. I adored the earthy nature of it and how they incorporated such character into the meal.



My biggest regret was not visiting Montpelier Plantation during the day. I can only imagine how stunning the property is. It is oozing with history and it is a unique experience in itself. The staff was very friendly. You feel instantly welcome here and can sit and soak up the incredible and somewhat haunting history that lays beneath your feet. I fell in love with the big tree at the entrance. The food was yummy and I will definitely go back when I return to NEVIS!


What a surreal experience! This restaurant/hotel is absolutely spectacular and jam-packed with history. You feel the intensity of the historic impact left here the instant you step onto the property. I was absolutely blown away by the setting at Golden Rock. We went there for lunch and were completely mesmerized. We had a private table in the garden. It truly feels like the “Garden of Eden”.

The history is dripping from the walls, plants, earth and stones leaving you in breathless silence. It is so quiet and peaceful. I highly recommend visiting Golden Rock for a meal or staying there. It is a real gem on NEVIS!


The highlight of Bananas is the beautiful, lush property and treetop view from the rooftop area. I recommend coming a bit early so you can sip a cocktail at sunset then head downstairs for a delicious meal. The staff is friendly. The food is yummy. Definitely worth a dinner out at Bananas if you want to explore more of Nevis!


This is a really “chilllin” restaurant with extremely friendly, casual staff. You feel instantly relaxed and welcomed here at Sunshines. I love how it was a mix of travellers, vacationers and locals. The restaurant is a five-minute or less walk from the Four Seasons. There’s a lot of loud music (from nearby) and a fun, worldly atmosphere with license plates and flags hanging up from all over the world. I loved this colorful scene. And as I was recommended, you should try their famous Killer Bee drink!

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