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Guatemala Photo Essay

Ammon, Sasha and Mom joined up in Mexico and backpacked down to Guatemala together.  This is what Mom had to say about the trip.

“It was amazingly fun to put the backpack back on and meet up with Ammon again after so many years. I was completely surprised how easy it was to get back into the swing of traveling that style again, although we didn’t rough it as much as in the “old days”.

Traveling by public transportation we made our way through Mexico and Belize and into Guatemala to see the famous world heritage site Tikal National Park. What an amazing experience it was to sit high up on the ancient citadel overlooking the Rainforest of Guatemala while being entertained by the eerie sounds of the howler monkey troops competing for dominance.  We spent a couple of days hiking around the park and climbing over the ruins of Tikal. What an amazing National Park.  The wildlife, vegetation and ancient ruins make this place a “must see”.  Next time I will have to see the rest of Guatemala.

Stay tuned for more #FridayFotos. Next week is Guinea Bissau.

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