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Ruins Around the World

The remnants of our ancestors are speckled across the planet, waiting to be admired. Some are still eagerly waiting to be discovered and have their hidden messages unravelled. Their crumbling walls leave traces of history and tell stories that reflect our own lives today. Take a journey through […]

Pompeii, Italy

Forbidden Places

Time is a magical and dramatic thing. It is only through the passing of years and through travel that we, creatures of modern times, are allowed to cross over into once forbidden or restricted places of the world. If you can’t find any other reason to leap onto […]

Tikal National Park

Guatemala Photo Essay

Ammon, Sasha and Mom joined up in Mexico and backpacked down to Guatemala together.  This is what Mom had to say about the trip. “It was amazingly fun to put the backpack back on and meet up with Ammon again after so many years. I was completely surprised […]

Loteria! Mexican Bingo

  Hey guys, so today I thought, since many have been hassling me for not working on “Rusty Tracks and Booby Traps”, I would share this guest post to keep you occupied while I stick my nose in Indian curry! When you think of the word BINGO do you […]

Ammon’s Week Continues

It didn’t take too long before the old travel side had a brief awakening. The excursions were too expensive in my opinion (no surprise there) especially since they are quoted in US dollars. Other guests recommended we use a tour operator outside the resort which would’ve saved a […]


Happy Valentines Day

  This is too funny!! So Bree and Ammon both flew out of Vancouver today and when they arrive in their destinations, they will be on the same time zone…. but LOOK at this weather.                                                            Manzanillo Mexico                                             Winnipeg, Canada I know who I’d rather be! I’m so […]