Savannah Grace

Happy Valentines Day

  This is too funny!! So Bree and Ammon both flew out of Vancouver today and when they arrive in their destinations, they will be on the same time zone…. but LOOK at this weather. 
             mexico     Winnipeg Canada
                                        Manzanillo Mexico                                             Winnipeg, Canada
I know who I’d rather be! I’m so proud of my traveling family and am planning to ….. have them write on the blog soon to give us an update. So much has been happening with both of them, especially Bree, our little movie star! Unfortunately her trip is not a vacation, as she is going to Manitoba for her “father-in-law’s” funeral, he passed after a long battle with cancer. It is very sad, but she is happy to be spending Valentines Day with her boyfriend who has been in Manitoba by his Dad’s side since December.
Ammon is flying to Mexico for his FIRST EVER all-inclusive holiday. Wow…. I bet you guys didn’t see THAT one coming!!! I would praise his sweetheart Sasha for that little change. 🙂  I can’t wait to get 2015 updates from both siblings soon.
And me? I’m spending this Valentines Day homebound in my nest, still typing away to all of my lovely followers, sending a big loving hug your way.


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