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A Post Valentines Getaway



Last night, Kees and I arrived at nearly 2am in Brugge, Belgium after a 3.5 hour drive south from Alkmaar, Holland. I’m still so excited about the gorgeous Hotel Jan Brito and all of the wonderful details and decorations from former centuries. They have spoiled us with a TWO-STORY Duplex Garden Suite.  It looked so wonderful and mysterious arriving late at night with its 100 year old beech tree looming over the renaissance gardens and statues. Waking up to it was even better. I spent all morning taking pictures and haven’t even left the hotel grounds.


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I’m still amazed that the red door and six windows through the garden gates belong to our suite! Perfect atmospheric location. To no great surprise, this renovated 16th century manor is, like the rest of the city, protected as a historical monument by Unesco.

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Hotel Jan Brito apparently is in a spectacular location, so Kees and I are going out on foot to explore, The Venice of the North on this romantic post Valentines getaway. I’ve heard so many great things about Brugge, it’s hard to believe that after 100 countries, and living in Europe for nearly 6 years, only 3 hours away from this picturesque town, this will be my first time visiting. I already know I will have loads more to post over the weekend.

Hotel Jan Brito itself seems to be a sightseeing, museum trip. So while we are out gallivanting, I will leave you with a sample of the many tiny things that make this hotel so special. If a hotel can get you excited about their telephone, you KNOW it’s a good place.

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