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Croatia Photo Essay

We visited Croatia so many years ago on our family’s crazy four year adventure around the world. I think it was actually the SHORTEST stay in any country of that trip but that had nothing to do with our lack or interest. We stopped for a night in Dubrovnik and were instantly impressed by its beauty. I think we’d arrived in the town centre at the same time as a giant cruise so at first we were shocked by how crowded the main strip was. But once we wandered off the main streets down the little alleys, we discovered the real heart of Dubrovnik. The coast is breathtaking with is sparkling blue Adriatic Sea and orange rooftops glowing in the sunlight. 12903930_587703578058766_1180812577_o

Franjo Tuđman Bridge, Adriatic Sea

Franjo Tuđman Bridge and the Adriatic Sea



The old Town hall (neo-Gothic, built in 1882) of Dubrovnik

St. Ignatius Church

St. Ignatius Church, Dubrovnik





Spectacular coastline of Croatia.

St. Ignatius Church, Dubrovnik

Inside the St. Ignatius Church, Dubrovnik




I hope to return to Croatia one day, as its beauty has truly left an impact on me.


Stay tuned for more #FridayFotos. Next week is  Cyprus

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  1. love it…you definitely inspire my new found desire to travel. always good to see you and your mom in these pics.

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