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Iran Photo Essay

I have seen so much and yet there is so much more I haven’t.  We tried to get into Iran while we were in the area back in 2006 but were not able to get visa’s 🙁 .  Although Ammon did finally get a visa and visit a couple of years ago. Ammon has put Iran in his top favorite countries list.

This is what he has to say: “Don’t let Iran’s poor reputation in the media put you off. Instead listen to the stories of those that have visited and come home amazed. Iran definitely has its cultural and political quirks but is by far the most hospitable country I have ever visited. The quality and variety of its historical and archaeological sites rivals anything any other country can offer too. The food was great, travel was cheap and I always felt safe. I would go back in a heartbeat if I could get another visa.”

Thanks again Ammon for the great photos.

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  1. Ah Iran! It’s so good to see new pictures of the country I was born in – even though I am German! My parents worked there at the time, in Shiraz, 45 years ago, and they took me back in 2002 to show me my birth country and city. And I agree with Ammon, the Iranians were unbelievably welcoming and interested, and the culture and bazaars are just out of this world. I left Iran deeply impressed and hope I can go back some day soon.

    • Wow, what a unique story!!! How long did you live there as a baby? I would love to visit Iran one day, perhaps take my own child. I have no doubt in my mind that they are some of the most hospitable people in the world. Travel is so eye opening!

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