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#TRLT Tuesday Traveller – Anne Slater-Brooks

Today I am excited to feature Anne Slater-Brooks on today’s #TRLT Tuesday Traveller. She is an avid traveller who has visited over 70 countries on six continents since discovering her travel spirit as a teenager. She indulges her passion for travel by writing on her blog, Travel The Globe 4 Less which shows how to fly business  for less than economy  (plus a lot of other tips for travelling the globe for less)!

RTW 04 184

Adrenaline Junkies. New Zealand.

Q. Why do you like taking The Road Less Travelled?

A. Truthfully, I’ve always been a little contrary. I don’t like to follow the crowds and like to challenge preconceptions of a place on my quest for never-ending learning.

Q. What are your top five destinations?

A. Oh wow, that is a tough question! Ask me this question on five different days and you may get five different responses, but here goes….

Myanmar for being the least touched by western culture of any place I’ve visited. I spent my first day there convinced people didn’t check their makeup in the mirror until I realised that the chalk patterns etched across their faces were part of their cultural tradition! It’s a country with fascinating sights, curious and friendly people, and stunning scenery!

New Zealand for being the most incredible place ever. There simply aren’t enough superlatives to describe the beauty that is NZ, not to mention the fact that it seems to turn even the most unadventurous into crazy adrenaline junkies. I somehow ended up jumping out of a plane when I was there!

Japan is another country I love for being culturally unique  . So many places around the globe feel westernised and rarely distinct culturally, but Japan certainly ticks that box. Not to mention that it has the Bullet train, amazing powder skiing, and heated toilet seats  ! What more could a girl want?!

India, the home of my alter hippie ego! A place where my soul rejoices and body and mind heals. This country may be renowned for colour, chaos, and cacophony, but for me, it is a place to retreat, indulge in yoga and Ayurveda, and cleanse myself of Western baggage!

Indonesia for being exotic and exciting. Thousands of islands dotted in emerald waters, surrounded by coral reefs teaming with brightly coloured shoals of fish. On land, yoga, temples, and a melange of religions and cultures combine to provide enough intrigue for even the most well-travelled!

Q. What destinations are you most keen to visit?

A. Philippines (yay, flight booked for November!) and Costa Rica. I’m much more a scenery and nature kind of girl than a city chick. I’ve wanted to visit the Philippines FOREVER for the chance to dive with sharks, rays, and turtles. I hope I won’t be disappointed!

Costa Rica appeals for the chance to escape into dense jungle, practice yoga, and stay in unique resorts with a strong commitment to Eco-tourism.

Q. Share the story of one of your favourite travel photos.

A. Another toughie, but I am going for this picture of the slopes in Japan. I love skiing in the USA and Canada, quoting the empty pistes as the key benefit. Japan takes this to a whole other level, however, with virtually no traffic and incredibly long runs like this one! Standing on top of the mountains, peering down on endless peaks, is my idea of heaven.

The only thing you have to worry about is the Kamikaze snowboarders launching themselves from the top with boundless courage but little skill!

Hakuba, Japan

Hakuba, Japan

Q. How did you find out about #TRLT Twitter Chat and what is it about the community and joining that you love most?

A. I found out about the chat on Travelogx. I love that I can chat to people with diverse travel experiences, often in incredible places off the beaten track which provides me with EVEN more travel inspiration.

What is the best piece of travel advice you can share? 

A. Simple – NEVER ever travel without travel insurance. This may be dull advice, but I’ve suffered broken bones, ligament damage while skiing, mosquito-induced skin infections, ash cloud disruption, missed flights, lost luggage, and many more incidents in my years of travelling. Travel insurance is an absolute must!

 The colourful overnight train from Yangon to Bagan

The colourful overnight train from Yangon to Bagan

Sanda Muni Paya, Mandalay

Sanda Muni Paya, Mandalay

Lake Pukaki

Lake in Lake Tekapo, New Zealand

RTW 04 072

Flying high, New Zealand

slopes in Japan

Hakuba, Japan

Bullet train

Kissing bullet trains in Japan

 Sunset on Mandrem beach, Goa

Sunset on Mandrem beach, Goa

Ashvem beach, Goa

Ashvem beach, Goa

Borobudur Temple, Java, Indonesia

Borobudur Temple, Java, Indonesia

Sunset on the beach at Tuban, Bali

Sunset on the beach at Tuban, Bali

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Stay tuned for next week’s interview with #TRLT Tuesday Traveller – MARCEL HOVENS!

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