You see, I’m an author

     YESSSS!! I got my new passport!!!! I’m set for the next ten years. Yippeee, I’m off on the next adventure!!!! Oh wait…. I almost forgot. **turns around and sits back down** I’m an author now. Write first, travel second. I can only imagine what the postman must’ve thought when I answered the door overly enthusiastically in my blue and green cheetah slippers, pink penguin pyjama bottoms and fuzzy Care Bear hoody! Perhaps I should’ve explained, “No sir, I’m not sick, and I’m not a bum. Nor am I really a Care Bear. I swear. This is just my very professional work uniform. You see, I’m an author!” That would’ve cleared everything up. LOL

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    • That’s very true and possible. I have FILLED 3 passports already in my life. Two of which were the larger business ones with 48 pages. If I go to a lot of places with visas, I may run into that problem. Next for sure is Spain in April for #TBEX. Won’t need my passport then, but maybe I’ll pop into Switzerland on my way home 🙂


    • Hahaha, possibly!! Book worm/author, basically the same thing. We’re both legally allowed to wear PJs all day. Another author said she thinks her postman still thinks she’s the cleaning lady, that made me laugh.


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