Savannah Grace

National Geographic Traveler of the Year


Stumbled upon these elephant skulls next door to a little “restaurant” in Ghana, West Africa. 2008

Hey guys, could I possibly ask another favour on top of all that you already do for me?!?! A few people have brought National Geographic’s Traveller of the Year to my attention and have nominated me. If you guys feel I inspire you as a traveller, I would LOVE if you could nominate me too (and of course, any of your favourite travellers). Thank you SOOO much in advance, the form is linked below. The deadline for nominations is March 1st, 2015.
My email is and website is name Savannah Grace –>

Here is an example of what someone very very special to me wrote. If you’ve read the books, you’ll likely guess who it is before you reach the end.

“What an extraordinary story. Savannah Grace is someone to look up to and follow because she truly appreciates the beauty of this world, those around her and is thankful for her life every day! It is super inspiring that at such a young age of 14 she went travelling around the world for 4 years with her family throughout Asia, Europe and Africa. Now at 24 she has been to 100 countries and continues to travel as much as possible! She is still living her dreams and following her heart in every moment. Wow! I mean wow!! This girl has some serious life experience under her belt! She is touching and enhancing peoples lives everywhere she goes with her pleasant presence and fun stories. She is the one to lead us forwards to a higher awareness and positive way of thinking lovingly, openly and passionately about good health, travelling, family bonds, different cultures, discovering new things, learning and personal growth. I am so glad that she has the incredible natural talent to express her self through writing as she is opening up her heart, mind, soul and life to the world through her “Sihpromatum” Book series about this life changing adventure. The first book is called “I grew my boobs in china” Haha now that is a brilliantly hilarious title! What a way to grow up! I have to say! I know we can all learn a lot from her in this new day and age. I can definitely see her representing National Geographic! Here’s your lady!!! What a treasure! She really is showing us all how amazingly fun this life really is! Thanks!!! Have a happy Day! Cheers and High Five!! Bree”

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  1. Thank you so much Susan and Pamela!!!! I really appreciate it. Let’s hope they really read all the nominations, it’d be a dream to be listed as a National Geographic Traveller of the Year. Eeee!!! 🙂 Thank you, thank you.

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