Savannah Grace

Bree at The Fair

   I’m super excited to have booked booth number #105 at the Fraser Valley Women’s Expo in Chilliwack  February 27th-March 1st!!! Bree is the best sister I could’ve ask for. She will be manning the booth in my place, since I will still be here in Holland. Jody, our childhood next door neighbour, Sandra, our Hong Kong guide/friend in “I Grew My Boobs in China” and major character in Book #3, and possibly another friend will be there helping Bree. This will be a great chance to meet them if you are in or around Chilliwack, BC on these days. This is the first time “Backpacks and Bra Straps” will be in Chilliwack. I feel so blessed to have such amazing people in my life who are willing to go out of their way to help me like this.

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  1. Hi Savannah,your sister will do another amazing job I just wish I could have helped but I am in a concert this weekend,but let me know if you need me another time

    • Thanks The Awesome Leaving Comments Guy!!
      Bree is our whirlwind, champion sales Queen. No…I’m actually serious. She’s insane. She is famous for selling ice-cubes to Eskimos (pardon me if this word is offensive, maybe I’m living in the past, but why did this word become derogatory? Because it means “eater of raw meat? Many in West Africa would chase after us shouting “blanco blanco” but it never bothered me. They’re just pointing out the reality. Would people know what I was saying if I said Inuit? Anyway! That was a bit of a bracket tangent.) Okay, maybe not ice-cubes. But she literally sold cookie dough to someone who WORKED in a cookie dough factory…Mad skills. Very curious to see how she does on her own running the show. She’ll be amazing as usual!!

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