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Ammon’s First EVER…

11002467_10155180474470858_812562717_o[1]Lately I’ve had a lot of readers asking me what my siblings have been up to since the family trip ended. “What are they doing now? Where do they live? Where did they end up?”
I thought I would start with a quick blog from Ammon, since he JUST got back from his first ever…. yeah, you’re going to fall over…. ALL-INCLUSIVE trip t o Mexico. Now, you’re probably thinking the same thing that Ben Southall (author of “Best Job in the World”  ) thought, “Does he even know how to spell all-inclusive?!” But yes, this is living proof that people are capable of change! Even our tight arse budget policeman, Ammon. Heck, do I ever love that guy!
For some more info on Ammon and his recent posts, you can check out his ATC AUDIO (super cool!)  and  a recent San Fran trip.
I can not express how proud I am of big brother Ammon. He has done so much with his life! Just read this “Follow Your Dreams” post dedicated to him and you’ll know what I’m talking about.


 Next week I’m hoping to get a post in from sister Bree. She’s been up to some CRAZY things. You won’t even believe it… or actually. You probably will!  
Now I am handing the spotlight over to Ammon…………
Work had been hell since the start of the new year and I was in a bad state of training burnout so talked to the boss and it was decided that a last-minute holiday to recharge was in order. Sasha and I got the time off, booked our all-inclusive package and two days later, Valentine’s day we were up early and on a flight to Manzanillo, Mexico.
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With the exception of maybe Savannah, I’ve seen the least of Mexico in the family, having only set foot across the border into Tijuana and Ciudad Juarez on family road trips a long time ago, nearly 20 years! Sasha had never been to Mexico at all. I’ll confess I hadn’t really heard of Manzanillo, didn’t do any real pre-trip research and wasn’t expecting to do more than ….. eat and sleep while there. Not my traditional style at all but this was an emergency “vacation” and not “travel”. As such I decided to accept it for what it was and surprised myself by enjoying my time more than I expected.
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For one thing, our accommodation, the Tesoro Manzanillo Resort, felt much better than the 3-star it is listed as. The location was perfect, on it’s own little stretch of beach, and although there are no private beaches in Mexico, it almost felt private with our resort taking up most of this one. Manzanillo is at the southern end of two large bays about 4 hrs south of Puerto Vallarta. Both bays have long open beaches and our hotel was on a small peninsula dividing the two and having it’s own much smaller beach. Had we felt the need we could have walked about 1/2 hr to either of the other beaches, and we did go see each once, but ours was sufficient for our desires.
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Savannah surprised us by calling ahead and getting us upgraded to a Junior Suite so we had a beautiful ocean view room on the 15th floor! The food was good and the buffet restaurant was just above the beach also with incredible views. At least 80% of the guests were Mexican, mostly Mexican families with small kids so we were mostly anti-social and lost in our own thoughts. The remainder of the guests were almost all Canadian with a couple of Americans thrown in. We only met two others from Vancouver as the main flights down to Manzanillo are from Toronto, Calgary and Edmonton.
Our typical day started with sleeping in, overeating at breakfast at about 9:30 and then lounging around by the pool or beach. The water was warm but we didn’t do a lot of swimming; the pool was often full. We’d have a late lunch followed by more rest and then a late dinner at 8pm, finishing just in time for the nightly 9pm entertainment. It would end at 10pm and we’d go to bed. That’s not to say that we didn’t ever do anything. We took the kayaks out one morning, played a little ping pong, I played some beach volleyball and threw a football around on the beach with some guys from Edmonton. The entertainment shows were amusing, mostly of themed costumed dances, more enthusiastic than coordinated at times, but everyone was having a good time.
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to be continued……..

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