Catamaran in Cape Verde

    We spent a lovely relaxing day on my birthday, and celebrated by going out to town, Sal Rei, for a lobster dinner at an ocean front restaurant. Before dinner I put a second book into circulation, here in the Riu Hotel. Signed with a message, if you ever come across one of these books, please contact me and send in a photo with it! I’m curious to see how far any of them will get and who will find them.

           Cape Verde     Cape Verde

The next morning before going on our catamaran trip, I found that my book had been  borrowed from the hotel’s small library book shelf! So exciting and I’m very curious to see if anyone will contact me.

                      Cape Verde     Cape Verde

We had a wonderful half day in the sun relaxing on a big catamaran sailing out into the ocean and along the coast of Boa Vista. I have to admit open water terrified me, so as soon as we turned around and cruised along the coast, I felt much better. But honestly, what better way to see an island country than by water?  Soft beach music played and free drinks were served as we laid out in the sun. It was my first time being on a real catamaran where the front had a white netting tied between the twin hulls where you can lie down and enjoy the water and listen to the rustling of waves beneath you.  Being warmed by the African sun from above and cooled from the gentle breeze below made it perfect . Holding a glass of champagne and laying in my man’s arms was dreamy.

            Cape Verde      Cape Verde

There seemed not a care in the world as the small crew managed the sails and took us on a wonderful tour as we stretched out on a sparkling water bed. Riu Karamboa stretched far across the beach and I was overwhelmed that I am staying there!  Life is so full of twists and turns.

           Cape Verde      SAM_0660

If you ever find yourself in Cape Verde, do yourself a favor and enjoy a full or half day catamaran cruise. There’s no better way of seeing the islands sand dunes, towns and watch the locals play soccer on the beaches.


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  1. It sounds like a lovely birthday (Best Wishes for many days like this all year), and a luxurious catamaran trip. Wouldn’t I just love listening to the waves whispering to me as I watched the coastline pass. Unfortunately, I fear I have vampire blood; the sun just knocks me out.

    • Oh my gosh, I’m in the same boat! I love your description, but honestly can’t take much sun either. I guess it’s writer’s blood. Pj’s, late nights by the fire 🙂

  2. Grew up on the beach in Florida so you trip sounds like heaven, although older now I do use sunscreen! Glad you had such a good time!

    • Thanks so much for reading, Susan. I definitely must lather up in sunscreen. I thought I was so clever going on the quad excursion with long sleeve shirt and pants…. sunscreen on my face. Forget my hands and feet and they got FRIED! So dumb.

  3. Sounds like the perfect Birthday Savannah, dreamy and wonderful! Many, Many more!!

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