24th Birthday

             Cape Verde    SAM_0478
Feeling so blessed to be spending this birthday holiday with the love of my life in Cape Verde.  Beautiful beach, blue ocean, another bottle of wine from the Riu Karamboa Resort with a nice letter, got to watch my sweet kite-surf in terrible winds and get rescued again but on land this time (just to keep things exciting), and the first chapters of the second edit have come in!!! How exciting. I’ve only just glanced but am already blown away by the improvement.  
                      SAM_0564     SAM_0561

I’m so grateful for all the many, many opportunities I’ve been given in this life so far and for my accomplishments. I’ve been able to see the world, live abroad, learn another language, found true love, write two books, gain a growing fan base and I have been given the most incredible family who supports me all the way.

I’ve seen the highest peaks in the world, journeyed to the lowest depressions, fallen from the sky, scuba dived deep in the sea, jumped off one of the highest bridges, walked with the incredible Big Five in nature… The possibilities of the future are infinite. I have a feeling 24 is going to be a great age.

Yesterday we went on a quad excursion, courtesy of the Riu Hotel and tomorrow we go on a catamaran. Thank you everyone for your kind birthday wishes!

                     Cape Verde     Cape Verde

P.S. To celebrate my birthday I’ve lowered travel memoir “Sihpromatum – I Grew My Boobs in China” to $2.99!! Buy it, spread the word and make my day.  

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  1. So happy you are enjoying your birthday holiday with Kees! Congrats on the progress you’ve made in getting the second book of the Sihpromatum series closer in the hands of  anxiously waiting readers!

  2. Fantastic, can’t wait for the second book–I am wishing my life away waiting for October and of course the 3rd installment!!

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