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Guinea Bissau Photo Essay

Guinea Bissau was a remarkably interesting and unique travel destination that we had the privilege of passing through on our overland journey circumnavigating Africa.

We arrived on local transport via Senegal and exited eight days later into Guinea. We met so many new people who became friends, took a boat out to the island Bolama where we discovered a cashew plantation, ruins of the old Portuguese empire there and were invited to a local school and asked to speak. Early morning walks, fully laden with backpacks, entertained us with the early buzz of people’s daily routines, chickens and burning piles of trash clouding the road ahead.

 If you’re looking for an extremely different approach to Africa and travel in general, try out Guinea Bissau for your next #TRLT destination!

Stay tuned for more #FridayFotos. Next week is Guinea.

View more photos of Guinea Bissau  here.

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Savannah Grace

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