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I was very excited to receive this larger-than-I-expected package of designer travel clothes from my first-ever clothing sponsor! I met Diane Kroe by chance in November as we were walking out of Circle Craft in Vancouver, Canada at the end of a very long 11 hour day. I actually can’t remember what prompted our conversation but next thing I knew  we were running back to her travel clothing booth swapping info. Naturally, as a girl who likes pretty things I was instantly intrigued by her products especially because they are proudly Canadian. She told me a little bit about her designs, shoved a handful of flyers into my hands and said we should keep in touch. That was it.

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The next day Mom and I drove down to Seattle for the Christmas in Seattle fair while Bree manned the booth in Circle Craft for the last 3 days with #1 fan Melanee from Black Bond Books and a few other great helpers like Tina (met at a book signing), best friend Terri, old childhood neighbour Jody and Candace who I met through a friend when they visited me in Holland while backpacking in Europe. I want to give another huge thank you to them, it’s because of friends like these that dreams are able to happen. The support and love I’ve received has taken me so much further on my publishing journey than I ever could’ve managed alone. The book tour ended on December 10th, when I flew back to Holland. It wasn’t until mid January that I found myself going through the large mound of flyers, papers, business cards and notes I’d collected on the tour. I came across Diane Kroe’s beautiful clothing pamphlet and I sent her off an email. Since then she has not only sent me a glorious package of her unique clothes, we have formed a mutual friendship and respect for each other as business associates. She has made me a brand ambassador and I’m excited to be part of this new journey. I was pleasantly surprised by several things when I opened and tried on my new clothes. They are extremely comfortable, (I’m still trying to figure out what this soft, wrinkle free material is) they fit perfectly, and can be worn in more ways than one could imagine. That is what I call versatile. Feeling like a magician as I tried on and transformed each piece into several different styles, Mom and I couldn’t help but giggle in our excitement. I wish I’d had a set of these when we were travelling! Just one of these dresses converts into more combinations than my entire backpack’s worth of rags I hauled around on our 4 year journey.
.sv dresses 036 (2)
#1 REVERSIBLE RESORT DRESS: Can be worn 22 different ways!!! That must be a record. One side is a playful, colourful pattern for the day, black cocktail dress at night.
#2 ONE 4 ALL TOP: It’s hard to believe that this sexy red dress is also a long sleeve shirt. You can definitely get creative with this one.
#3 TRAVEL PANTS: The travel pants can multitask as sexy business or fun and cute. Inside the pant legs there are super small, very easy to use hidden buttons which can make the pants 3 different lengths. You’d never even know they existed if I didn’t tell you. You can’t feel them at all. I love the layered effect they give the pant lengths!
#4 ONE 4 ALL DRESS: I love that I can wear this one as a tubetop dress in the day and when night falls I just pull my arms into the secret sleeves.
#5 LIMITLESS CHIFFON DRESS: I love the way this one is so flowy and girly like a fairy, giving that extra flow effect with the short front, long in the back style. It can be worn as a long skirt, long dress, and the top can be folded over to make it a shorter dress like I’ve done in the photo. If you want to travel lightweight, practical….AND fashionable, seriously check out her website.
I cannot wait for my next trip to really test out my new collection! I’m just itching for a getaway (Kees and I wanted to go to Moscow or Dubai next weekend but… as I mentioned before, my passport is being renewed!!! Dang!) If you mention “Savannah” in the coupon code you will get a free shipping.

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  1. What an amazing collection of luxury travel clothing! You’ve inspired me to also contact Diane, she’s a lovely person, and I look forward to also receiving the goodies in the post.
    You’re right: when one travels a lot, it’s lovely to find good quality clothing that transforms to various styles! Formal, casual, it looks great! Thanks for sharing Savannah

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