Winter is For Writing

As much as I want to run off and migrate to the warmth, I will stay. I will sit my little bottom down and write. FOR YOU GUYS! Because I love you. Oh, and my passport being renewed is probably also helping keep me homebound for the next 4 weeks.I can’t complain though, as it’s all too easy to enjoy the winter days on my comfy couch, writing late into the night and sipping on a warm cup of Dilmah rose and French vanilla tea. I even bought some chirping crickets so I can pretend my crackling fire is in the wilderness at a campsite. Perhaps I should invest in some croaking frogs next.

I’m finally getting into the real swing of things. It’s funny how no matter how hard I try, I get my inspiration after midnight and well into the night/morning.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for another travel memoir, our good friend Ben Southall …      recently released his book “The Best Job in the World”. The family met Ben and his Land Rover, Colonel Mustard in Ghana, West Africa. He was on his Afritrex adventure to circumnavigate Africa and conquer 5 mountains and 5 marathons to raise money for charity. We shared many great adventures as a group for the nearly 8 months we travelled together through over a dozen countries. It’s brief, but you can get a glimpse of our African adventures, through Ben’s lens in his memoir.
I can’t wait to write my version of Africa. What an incredible adventure it was! 36 African countries, many of which were spent in this Yellow Beast and with Ben Southall’s Colonel Mustard along side.
                  IMG_2520     IMG_2429

I will never forget having to tackle the intense highways in the Cameroon jungle crossing in from Nigeria.
                   10979476_422145061281286_1799113232_n[1]     IMG_2929
Or the villages we passed through while crossing Tanzania. Or the incredible lush mountains of Uganda. Sometimes it’s hard to believe this was MY life.
                 IMG_3817      IMG_0430

If you want a sneak preview of our African travels, and a good memoir, pick this one up!

                         The Best Job in the World: How to Make a Living From Following Your Dreams
Savannah Grace
PS. “I Grew My Boobs in China” is now available on KOBO

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  1. I am selfishly glad you are country bound and have to write. I cannot wait for your Africa travels but I know that will not be out for awhile. Looking forward to books 3 Savannah..

    • Hmmm that’s a good question! I’m not sure. Maybe the airport? But you can definitely order it on amazon, and I know you have an account 😉 Since I made it for you, heheh. OOORRRR I could bring my copy for you when I’m in town….Or when you come visit us here you can take it 🙂

  2. SV thank you for the lovely article all about our adventure together in Africa. What an incredible continent that produced some of the most intense travel experiences. I also can’t wait to read your version of how everything happened over those months on the road as you’ll be much better at describing the wonder of it all. Keep writing and dreaming of the next adventure!

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