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CAR Photo Essay (Central African Republic)

I personally have not yet made it to Central African Republic, but a few years ago my brother Ammon did. Here are his words on the experience.

“In CAR I was in the border town of Gamboula. It ended up being a day trip from Cameroon. It was cut short because the country was in a state of security deterioration and it was unsafe to continue further. I didn’t have the time anyway as I’d have to backtrack to Cameroon as well. I ended up visiting a Missionary compound (through a contact I had with the missionaries I stayed with in Chad). The American family there was very nice and had me stay for lunch, showed me around the stuff they were doing and then I left again. It’s very poor and undeveloped there and has gotten more unstable since I left.”

Enjoy this #FRIDAYFOTOS photo Essay of Central African Republic!


A dried up river near the Camaroon border., CAR

A dried up river near the Cameroon border.

A bundle of new brooms. CAR

A pile of newly made brooms.

Gamboula, CAR

The mission in Gamboula.

Inside the church at the Mission complex in Gamboula, CAR

Inside the church at the Mission complex in Gamboula.

A little pig pen in Gamboula, CAR

A little pigpen in Gamboula

red dirt, CAR

The colour of the dirt is amazing.


A walk through the village.

So much colour. Gamboula, CAR

So much colour. Gamboula

Weaver bird nests.. CAR

Tree full of weaver bird nests.

Small town life in CAR

Small town life in CAR.


Look at those teeth on this Hippo skull.

 Cameroon to Gamboula, CAR

This is a main road from Cameroon to Gamboula.

Stay tuned for more #FridayFotos. Next week is CHAD and a little out of alphabetical order.

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