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Cameroon Photo Essay

What an experience! Cameroon ranks so highly as one of the most adventurous countries I’ve visited. We ventured through Nigeria headed south into Cameroon where we INSTANTLY hit a battle field of mud.

We were so fortunate to have joined forces earlier on the road with other travellers. Our convoy was made up of the “dirty dozen” from seven countries in three overland trucks. As we entered Cameroon, another overland truck had just made the treacherous journey through Cameroon and had warned we may not make it through the jungle in our massive 10 ton yellow beast.

The most memorable day was getting stuck and digging ourselves out for hours with local boys who appeared out of nowhere from the depths of the jungle. We only managed to cover 6km that day! Knee deep mud, slipping and sliding, river baths, bribing officials with rice, tear licking flies, broken bridges, digging, digging, digging!!! These are the memories that flood my mind when I think of Cameroon.


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Savannah Grace

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