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Behind the Scenes Look at a First Time Baby Travel

Two-month-old baby Tripp is going on his very first trip and will be starting his country count in MEXICO!

It’s been a long time since I’ve felt this nervous about travelling. In fact, the last time I was this scared was 13 years ago when I was headed to China with my family on our first overseas adventure. The one where “I Grew My Boobs in China”. My life took an entirely new course and ultimately brought me to where I am today, living as an expat in The Netherlands with my Dutch husband and our gorgeous two-month-old baby. The fear I feel now about travel is one I’ve never felt before. A completely new sensation of worries that involve the full responsibility over another human being.  A life I would rather give up my own for than let come in harms way. And truth be told, some days I don’t even think I can take care of myself!

Family has always been my #1 and I always said that I wouldn’t let starting a family of my own hold me back from living my life and my dreams. Things are definitely different and a lot more complicated with a baby (who knew a trip to the grocery store could feel like a full-blown round the world excursion?!) but they shouldn’t be blamed or used as an excuse for stopping. Part of me is so content with my new life as a mom that I honestly considered not going anywhere at all. Every time this gorgeous little baby looks up at me and smiles I forget the world exists, but I promised myself before that I wouldn’t let him hold me back. I wouldn’t forget what I love: travel. I’m going to at least try and see how it goes. Who knows, maybe I’ll get back and realize my passion for travel has ended.

Mexico seemed a safe, convenient, no-hassle choice for our first trip with a baby. As I have zero experience not only with baby travel, but babies in general. I wanted to make it as easy as possible on myself. We’re testing our toes with an all-inclusive package before hopefully diving back into our usual extreme adventures. The biggest challenge I can see will be the 10+hour journey in transit to get there and I’m terrified!

There’s always a degree of stress and anxiety in the days and hours before departure, but now I feel like a beginner all over again. In a sense, I am.

Stay tuned to see how we manage with what to pack, what I wished I’d left behind, my best packed item and what my biggest mistakes were. And of course, for our mighty baby adventure across the big ocean, 10+ hours in the air. Yes, I can’t wait to be that person. The “insane idiot” who decided to bring his/her baby onto a plane, squished in close quarters with all those innocent people who don’t have children. The ones I always glared at. Definitely a case of karma coming back to haunt me. Wish me luck as I brave the transformation from family/couples/mom-daughter traveler to Mommy traveler.

Let’s discover and learn together.




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  1. Fun time with baby … I am in Mexico right now and it is wonderful but no babies with me. Enjoy your time in the sun ( with lots of sunscreen for baby). BTW, Congratulations to you and husband !!

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