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Forbidden Places

Time is a magical and dramatic thing. It is only through the passing of years and through travel that we, creatures of modern times, are allowed to cross over into once forbidden or restricted places of the world. If you can’t find any other reason to leap onto the next plane, ponder the novelty of going somewhere that so many others before you could not. 

For example…

Created by the Soviet Union, the Iron Curtain once divided Europe in half, leaving those forbidden to enter it with only their imagination of what lay beyond. Take advantage of the fact that you can now discover the gorgeous city of Budapest, venture high into the mountains of Zakopane in Poland to indulge in delicious smoked cheese and visit the mystical Bran Castle Bran Castle in Romania, home of Dracula.

AuschwitzAuschwitz, in the 1940’s was a place no one would wish on even their most despised enemy, is now on open display for the public. The prisoners and victims there would never be able to imagine the compound swarmed with teary-eyed visitors taking pictures and trying to grasp the tragedies that occurred there. Standing in the same footsteps where many were executed is an experience you can’t mimic at home. The sadness is so overwhelming that you can’t help but suddenly realize your many blessings. 

The Forbidden City, China’s old imperial palace, situated in the centre of Beijing, was only meant for the highest of royalty, their families and servants. Now its doors are open to all. It’s far too easy to imagine the many centuries of emperors rolling in their graves at sight of camera laden tourists traipsing the sacred grounds.

Torture chambers throughout Europe in the Middle Ages trapped between thick stone walls in sound proof dungeons deep beneath castle floors and even buildings belonging to churches. An indescribably formidable place, most definitely forbidden in the past now are brightly lit in areas that were once dimly lit by smokey, wax-dripping candles.

The magnificent pyramids throughout the world, made with mysterious perfection, were reserved for only the elite. Ancient Pharos of Egypt with their treasures and even their servants, lay in their final resting place on earth before their passage to the after life. Booby traps were designed and those who helped in the making of secret chambers were killed to keep the secrets. All measures were made to prevent anyone from entering such a prohibited place.

Walking these forbidden areas is one of many things that makes travel feel so powerful. Venturing across borders and oceans gives you the chance to see things no one even dared to centuries, even just years, ago. It would’ve surely been hard for those throughout history to envision the doors being widely opened to the curious public. 

Sometimes I feel I’m tainting the essence of once protected and sacred places. Other times somber and heart broken by the souls who suffered in the very spots I’ve stood.

It gives you the opportunity to embrace history in an inexpressibly intimate way.

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Savannah Grace

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