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Tikal National Park

Guatemala Photo Essay

Ammon, Sasha and Mom joined up in Mexico and backpacked down to Guatemala together.  This is what Mom had to say about the trip. “It was amazingly fun to put the backpack back on and meet up with Ammon again after so many years. I was completely surprised […]

Small Country Sunday!

Happy #SmallCountrySunday! Thanks to Belize Tourism Board for declaring this special day Small Country Sunday! Don’t we all want to encourage travellers to embrace those little countries that are often overlooked? Let’s not forget countries such as Andorra, Mauritius, San Marino, Lesotho, Luxembourg, Swaziland, Azerbaijan, Cape Verde, Burundi, Georgia, Suriname, Benin, […]

Belize with Mom and Ammon

Mom, brother Ammon (from my Sihpromatum Travel Memoirs) and his girlfriend Sasha are in Belize! I’m so excited to share their adventures with you. Sister Bree and her boyfriend Donavin went to Belize a few years ago and loved their trip, so I know it’s a must for […]