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Small Country Sunday!

Happy #SmallCountrySunday! Thanks to Belize Tourism Board for declaring this special day Small Country Sunday! Don’t we all want to encourage travellers to embrace those little countries that are often overlooked? Let’s not forget countries such as Andorra, Mauritius, San Marino, Lesotho, Luxembourg, Swaziland, Azerbaijan, Cape Verde, Burundi, Georgia, Suriname, Benin, The Gambia, Liechtenstein, BELIZE… I could go on and on.


Overlooking one of many spectacular ruins in Belize – Central America

Small Countries still on my list are Vanuatu, Comoros, Belize, Bhutan, and so many more! Which are your favorites and which ones are still on your Bucket List?

Oh, and don’t forget, today is the LAST day to ENTER to win a FREE trip to Belize. All you have to do are these two tiny, little steps:

  1. Follow the Belize Tourism Board on TwitterInstagram, and/or Facebook
  2. Show or tell us why you want to travel small in 2016, using #SmallCountrySunday

Check out more details here

Below I have included a wonderful Photo Essay for Small Country Sunday where the countries are small but the experiences are BIG!


Carving late into the night at our camping ground in Benin – Africa.

Sri Lanka

A train ride through the central highlands of the stunning island country, Sri Lanka – Asia

Andorra Mountain Villages

Beautiful mountains and villages in Andorra – Europe

Swaziland Hippo

School kids getting an up close look at this hippo visiting the compound in Swaziland – Africa.


Such incredibly detailed architecture in the historic country of Azerbaijan – Asia.

San Marino

A priceless view over the tiny country within Italy, San Marino – Europe


One of many spectacular views from this exciting but tiny island country, Mauritius – Africa


I always knew there were gorgeous castles in Europe… but never expected this in a small country like Luxembourg – Europe

Tsminda Samebo Church, Kazbegi Georgia

A peaceful walk in the mountains to the stunning Tsminda Samebo Church in Kazbegi, Georgia – Asia

Cape Verde

Feeling like an Indiana Jones explorer in my 100th country, Cape Verde – Africa


A perfect rainbow in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest, Suriname – South America

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  1. Wow! Really enjoyed this one. The pictures are great and it’s like taking an armchair trip to so many interesting places! I also appreciate that my email inbox isn’t jammed with your communications—just the right amount! Thanks for that, too! Looking forward to the next post!

    • Hey Ellen!! Thanks so much for the wonderful compliments and feedback. I really appreciate that. Also a relief to hear I’m not spamming you 🙂 🙂 If only I could find more time! Hoping to get a few more stories out about Belize, Easter Island and Galapagos Islands before the New Year. My sister, Bree is coming out at the end of December so that will be a big, great distraction 🙂 Have you read the books yet?

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