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Now that the year is coming to an end, I am trying to wrap up the latest draft of Volume 3 in the Sihpromatum Series before taking a break for the holidays.

Dad is currently in Vancouver where he will spend Christmas with the family before returning on the 28th with sister, Bree, and her boyfriend Donavin. It will be a riot to have a pair of stunt performers in our presence to welcome the new year! For Bree’s recent work you can check her latest appearance in the TV series IZombie.

Enjoying this jolly season in the warmth of my own home with a glass of red wine.

Enjoying this jolly season in the warmth of my own home with a glass of red wine.

Listening to that roaring Dutch wind outside there’s nothing better than writing my book, curled up next to a warm fire in the glow of Christmas lights.

It’s hard to concentrate on writing about the slums and long, cockroach infested train rides of India when my head is full of the pleasant fumes of France. I spend more of my time dreaming…



…of a french snack in Southern France…

…and my temporary French office in a gorgeous old chateau with a glass of red wine from a local vineyard.

Sipping this delicious glass of French red wine takes me back to earlier this year and our road trip from Holland to Spain to attend TBEX travel conference. I reminisce on the vibrant spring tulips carpeting the earth along the highway, rolling mustard fields and mountain backdrops in France and the sparkling Spanish coastline of Costa Brava.

Dutch Flowers

Spring in Holland, fields of flowers just next to the highway.

Mustard Fields

Dancing in the mustard fields in France

Costa Brava Spain TBEX

Catching some rays after #TBEX, Costa Brava, Spain

I’m taken to a time of local experiences, staying with our longtime family friend on a walnut orchard. Exploring the countryside was heavenly. Days were spent running down the long rows of grapes in the French vineyards and nights were spent drinking their succulent fruit.


Ready for breakfast at our walnut orchard villa in the French countryside.

France Vineyards

Running through the vineyards!

French vineyards

Even more vineyards! Ready for my next glass…


Can never tire of exploring Southern France.

I hope I can go again next year to #TBEX in Sweden. Who else is joining?! 
I will be sharing a Sihpromatum 2015 recap with you shortly! It’s amazing how fast the years go by the older you get. I feel like I blinked and December is already nearly over! Wishing you all the Merriest of Merry Christmases and a HAPPY, productive year full of love and joy. But this isn’t the last you’ll see of me in 2015.

Savannah Grace

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  1. i hope you and your family had a peaceful and happy christmas. i look forward to your new book. all the best in the new year!!!!!!!!

  2. HAPPY NEW YEAR!It was great having Bree Donavin and Dad over through Christmas I hope you had a crazy New Year together.

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