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Belize with Mom and Ammon

Mom, brother Ammon (from my Sihpromatum Travel Memoirs) and his girlfriend Sasha are in Belize! I’m so excited to share their adventures with you. Sister Bree and her boyfriend Donavin went to Belize a few years ago and loved their trip, so I know it’s a must for my bucket list.

Did you know that Belize Tourism board has declared this upcoming sunday “Small Country Sunday”?

I think it’s a fabulous idea to promote tourism in countries which don’t get enough credit. This is exactly what we represent on the Twitter chat that I founded, #TRLT.  So here’s to those fabulous countries that seem SMALL on the map, yet have so much to offer! You can find photos for many small countries on my World Photos tab.

They are giving away two FREE trips for two to Belize. You only have to use the #smallcountrysunday hashtag and follow @belizevacation on Twitter, FB, and/or IG. It’s that easy. GOOD LUCK!!! Let me know if you win 🙂

Now, before you win your trip to Belize, let’s see what Mom has to say about this small country!

After leaving home on Sunday afternoon I finally arrived in Cancun, Mexico at the same time on Monday. Excited to find Ammon and Sasha I quickly ran over to the other terminal to meet them. Thank goodness their  flight was delayed or we would have surely never found each other. A stopover for the night in Playa del Carmen to have dinner with friends of Sasha and we were on the road again.


Just like good old times we found ourselves at a tiny border crossing in a rickety old bus. It was great! A new stamp for the passports and we were in Belize.  Ammon’s 129th country and my 108th I think.


Going on the public transport is always interesting and a great way to get a feel for a country.  The people have been so helpful, friendly and easy to share smiles with.

After another long day in transit we arrived in a very clean hospitable town called San Ignacio.

Visiting Xunatunich in the morning the next day was Ammon and Sasha’s first glimpse of Mayan ruins.

I loved all the lush green rolling hills and views from the top of the temple ruins.

We really lucked out having the place pretty much to our selves AND having some sunshine.

Getting to and from the site we had to cross a river by a cute little two-car cable ferry, powered by a man turning a crank.

In the afternoon we went to see Cahal Pech another ruins site right in town. I have to thank Bree, here, for insisting on getting me in shape.  With all the hills to climb and walking that Ammon loves to make us do, I am surviving 🙂

This time we did have the site to ourselves and it was fabulous.  😉

I personally liked this site better cause it was more taken over by the jungle and more rooms and walkways to explore.

It’s the end of the rainy season they say! Well … Wow can it ever rain!!  There is nothing like a tropical downpour and being caught in it; good thing it’s warm. Our day at the Belize Zoo was really great. We were so fortunate to see it all and only got poured on once at the end.

The animals are all rescues from Belize and gorgeous.

They live in their own natural habitat in beautiful surroundings.

It truly felt like a walk through the jungle for the day. Again we had the park pretty much to ourselves.  I think the rain and it being off season are the reason.  Oh how I love off season.

So far we are loving Belize. It’s clean, friendly, the food is great, lots to explore and easy to get around. Tomorrow we go to Guatemala for a few days then we will be back to Belize to see more and checkout the coast. Can’t wait!

Maggie the Mom

Don’t forget to get involved with #SmallCountrySunday! YOU may just win a trip to BELIZE! Check out details here

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