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A Day in Lima, Peru

Lima Peru, Savannah GraceWe were only on day two of our trip when I started receiving the “how am I going to survive with this chatterbox for 6 weeks?” face from poor Kees. The thing is, I tend to talk more than the average person, but when I’m happy I’m even worse. My lips become opposite magnets that constantly reject each other. I just can’t seem to keep my mouth shut and all kind of words pour out of me when I’m excited.

Lima Peru Lima Peru

I love being in another country with all the exciting things to observe. Strolling in our neighbourhood we discovered the souvenir markets that were dripping with paintings, artwork, cups, rugs, they’ve even got Cholimpsons and alpaca everything!

The Simpsons Peru

I am absolutely in love with alpaca fleece, it’s the softest thing I think I’ve ever felt. Must take some home before I leave, but I have no space in my tiny backpack to fit even the tiniest of souvenir. We will be back in Lima before flying back to Holland so maybe then I can… but let’s not think about that now!!

 Though I was warned by many people of the dangers in the big city,  Lima has  treated us well. This could be due to the fact that we stayed in the expensive, touristic and modern district of Miraflores where we felt 100% safe.   There were definite signs that told us perhaps people were right to warn us, even in the fancy part of town.

  Lima, Peru  Lima, Peru

Chairs on restaurant patios have straps to lock your bag to the chair, clearly to prevent random snatchers from running off with them as they pass by on the street. Residences are protected by big metal gates or barred fences with big spikes to prevent anyone from climbing in.

I have to say that Miraflores district is very beautiful and comfortable, especially the waterfront mall area that overlooks the Pacific Ocean.

 Lima, Peru  Lima, Peru

We never had blue sky while we were in Lima but I can imagine it would be spectacular to see the view on a clear day. There is nothing like a long day of exploring and then sitting down for a delicious fruit smoothie with an awesome view.

 Lima, Peru  Lima, Peru, Savannah Grace

 Lima, Peru Lunchtime  Lima, Peru

The other thing everyone keeps telling me about is the Peruvian food. I receive food recommendations from people every day! For some reason, prior to this trip, I never related Peru with food, but I have a feeling we are in for some great meals. We haven’t yet gone in search of traditional food or any particularly great restaurants but I have loved every single meal so far. The mocha with whipping cream was delicious!

 Lima, Peru, Savannah Grace  Lima, Peru

Taking a long walk around town after breakfast, we visited the 1,500 year old ruins of Huaca Pucllana pyramids that are right in the middle of the city with a restaurant right in the middle of the ruins that looked very atmospheric (would like to but didn’t eat there). The guide, who is included in the $4 fee, stressed that it wasn’t a city but a temple.

1,500 year old ruins of Huaca Pucllana pyramids. Peru 1,500 year old ruins of Huaca Pucllana pyramids. Peru

A place of ritual games and sacrifices. Amazingly the royalty  were sacrificed and used to honour the gods. Now doesn’t that just make you stop and try to put yourself in the mind of such a culture? Surprisingly, I can almost understand that it’s possible to brainwash someone enough to truly be happy and excited about their death.

                     1,500 year old ruins of Huaca Pucllana pyramids, Peru 1,500 year old ruins of Huaca Pucllana pyramids, Peru

 Lima is very prone to earthquakes and gets a lot of shudders per year and it’s amazing that so long ago the Incas adapted to their settings by putting spaces between the mud bricks so they wouldn’t crumble but instead would give leeway to the shudders.

1,500 year old ruins of Huaca Pucllana pyramids, Peru 1,500 year old ruins of Huaca Pucllana pyramids, Peru

Considering it is RIGHT on the coast, I was amazed to realize that Lima is the second driest capital city in the world following Cairo, Egypt. Getting only 10mm of rain per YEAR, the dryness undoubtably has a lot to do with why the mud brick structure has lasted through centuries. I’m still trying to get my head around the fact that Lima is right on the coast and doesn’t get rain. I have lived in two cities on two coasts most of my life and seen nothing but rain.

I wish I had more time to write but I have been SO busy with all the things to see and do here in Peru, that I haven’t had a moment to sit and relax.

Lima, Peru Lima, Peru Lima, Peru


Ps. Upcoming posts include a city tour around Lima and visiting the catacombs.

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    • Amazing Melanee!!! I must appologize for my silence, I got sick for the past few days, and have soooooo much to catch up on now. We have been doing sooooo much here in Peru and are loving it. But we forgot to sleep enough and ended up exhausting ourselves to the point of getting sick. Doh! Posting more soon I promise. Miss you! p.s. It’s Kees’ birthday today 🙂 and we are spending it in Cusco

  1. Actually there are ALWAYS clouds in Lima – it never rains, just clouds. Has to do with the way it is located at the coast and the andes behind – or so i was told 🙂

    Huaca Pucllana – there is a restaurant in there, which in itself is quite touristy – BUT: it gives u the opportunity to explore the ruins at night. they look better then imo 🙂

    oh..and don’t forget to check out the Larco Herera Museum. best collection in town! 😀

    • OH great! Thanks for the reco! I didn’t sit at the restaurant but thought it was such a nice place, especially in such a unique setting. Thanks for reading!

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