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Ruins Around the World

The remnants of our ancestors are speckled across the planet, waiting to be admired. Some are still eagerly waiting to be discovered and have their hidden messages unravelled. Their crumbling walls leave traces of history and tell stories that reflect our own lives today. Take a journey through […]

Mout Kazbek

Georgia Photo Essay

Whenever I mention Georgia, people instantly think of the USA state and few realize there is also a country called Georgia. We loved walking around the capital city Tbilisi, hiking to a secluded church on the top of a hill, wandering through a sprawling cave monastery carved in the […]

Belize Photo Essay

After some consideration, I decided that this is a family story so I will be including a photo essay of EVERY country that the family has visited which totals a whopping 140 countries! I will indicate the countries which I have not personally visited with ** at the […]

A Day in Lima, Peru

We were only on day two of our trip when I started receiving the “how am I going to survive with this chatterbox for 6 weeks?” face from poor Kees. The thing is, I tend to talk more than the average person, but when I’m happy I’m even […]