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Most Extreme “Sihpromatum Around the World” Photo


European Jail Cell

     As many of you know I have been collecting photos of readers with their copy of my book around the world and posting them in my “Around the World” Album. Couples, women, men, grannies, families, travellers, I have had readers send in photos from 35 different countries doing crazy activities like flying a cropper plane in Australia, sitting at the edge of an active volcano, scuba diving in Mauritius.

The book has been everywhere from ancient ruins in Cambodia to New York and other big cities, beach holidays on several continents, the dentist and hospital, Disney Castles (both the cartoon and real version) even been to WAR in Afghanistan.



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Readers have gone on roller coasters, skiing in the Austrian Alps, and even been cooked alive in the Philippines with “I Grew My Boobs in China”. I am dying to know what kind of adventures “Backpacks and Bra Straps” will be taken on around the world.

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So far I have a few of Vol. 2  Sasha in Mexico and  Stunt Coordinator Dale and his wife Sandy with their set of books.

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And though this one is not the most beautiful picture in the around the world album, I think it might just take the cake for most extreme/unique. Apparently my book makes great reading material in JAIL, as well. I definitely have a diverse readership. Thank you for sending the photo from your European Jail Cell.


I challenge readers to send in photos with THEIR books, wherever you are in the world. Surprise me, make me laugh, make me jealous! I will be sure to include your photo in the “Around the World” album and share it on FB. Please include the country, place and your name for the caption. Thank you in advance. And an extra big special thank you to every one who has taken the time (esp. those who’ve had to carry it long distances up mountains).


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  1. We have pics from 5 countries. How do we post them here? I think Ellen the koala is the best pick.
    Hugs Dale and Sandie.

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