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Georgia Photo Essay

Whenever I mention Georgia, people instantly think of the USA state and few realize there is also a country called Georgia.

We loved walking around the capital city Tbilisi, hiking to a secluded church on the top of a hill, wandering through a sprawling cave monastery carved in the 12th century, exploring several small towns, playing in the Black Sea as well as crossing it in a freighter.

Ironically the best memory I ever had of Georgia actually happen in Vancouver, Canada. Kees was visiting my hometown when we had to make a night venture to pick up a tooth brush (forgot to pack!) at the gas station. When I started talking to the attendant at the gas station I found out he was from Georgia and happily told him I’d been. At first he disappointingly told me, “No, not the state, the country” and when I insisted I had been and mentioned Tbilisi, he nearly burst with joy and teared up, “You’ve been to my country. My city!! Oh how did you like it? I miss it so much.” I’ll never forget how his face light up in the middle of the night. He insisted on buying us both a drink.

This is one of the many reasons that makes travelling so powerful!

Stay tuned for more #FridayFotos. Next week is GERMANY.

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