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Belize Photo Essay

After some consideration, I decided that this is a family story so I will be including a photo essay of EVERY country that the family has visited which totals a whopping 140 countries! I will indicate the countries which I have not personally visited with ** at the beginning and end of the photo essay.
I made a slight mistake in my Alphabetical #FridayFotos country photo essays so am going to have to backtrack in the B’s. Today I give you BELIZE!

In 2014 sister Bree and her boyfriend Donavin rented a car and explored Mexico, Guatemala and Belize for three weeks. Last year (2015) brother Ammon and his girlfriend Sasha and Mom went on a three week backpacking trip also through Mexico, Guatemala and Belize.

I recently worked with the Belize Tourism Board to help promote the “Small Country Sunday” holiday. I think it’s a fabulous idea to promote tourism in countries which don’t get enough credit. This is exactly what we represent on the Twitter chat that I founded, #TRLT.

Belize seems to be quite underrated for the beauty and adventures it has to offer. Scuba diving, amazing wildlife, ancient Mayan ruins and temples in the heart of lush rainforests, stunning beaches, friendly people and so much more.

The stories and photos that Mom, Bree and Ammon shared from their Belize trips instantly made me want to get on a plane and GO! I hope you feel the same at the end of this #FridayFotos Photo Essay!

Stay tuned for more #FridayFotos. Next week is Bahrain!

Savannah Grace

View more photos of Belize here.

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  1. Those carvings on El Castillo remind a fair bit of Petra in Jordan.

    Thanks for sharing the pictures, Belize looks well worth the trip. As for 140 countries, wow, that is some going. Well done to all the family on such an achievement.

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